Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I join?

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or come to a meeting. Meetings are the first Tuesday of every month: Please contact President or other officer for meeting details.


What will the fees be?

$200 / year, including big fish pot

If you want to try it out you can pay $15 tournament fee. After 2 events you will be required to pay for the year.

Big fish for the year $20 (included in annual fee)

Big fish for the day $5 (collected the morning of the tournament, optional). Two day tournaments will have big fish each day.

Non-boater pays launch fee, any tolls and splits fuel. This typically runs about $60 - $80 per day, depending on distance and ramp fees.

Away events – typically split hotel room with your boater. A multiday tournament can run upwards of $350 - $450 for the weekend. Not the cheapest tournaments but lots of fun! Still cheaper than one a day guide trip.


Do I have to attend club meetings?

Not all the time but it is highly recommended that you attend as many as possible. If you cannot attend, you will be required to let someone in the club know before the meeting if you are fishing the next tournament. We do a blind draw at each meeting for that month’s tournament. This is how you know who your partner is. If you cannot attend, it is your responsibility to contact your partner to make arrangements.


Is there an age limit?

Unfortunately, our insurance requires you to be at least 18 years old.


Can I fish out of my own boat?

Yes, but only if your boat can handle two people comfortably. We fish a team format so that rules out fishing out of float tube or kayak. Boats must have functioning live wells and meet all Coast Guard regulations. If you have a boat, you will be required to fish as a non-boater for at least one tournament before you use your own boat.


What do I need to do before the tournament?

Meet with your boater or non-boater partner. When and where will you meet? Where do you park? Do not be late! Are you going to pre-fish the tournament? What should I rig up? Most boaters will have a good idea of how they will fish that body of water that time of year so ask.


What do I need to bring?

You need your own PFD (personal floatation device), minimum Type II or III. They range in price from $10 - $250. It comes down to your budget and comfort level. You must always wear it when the big motor is on. You need a current CA fishing license. You also need to bring your own rods and tackle. If you are new, boaters will help you out some but you should be starting to acquire your own. Bring beverages, lunch, and sun screen. It will be a long day. Stay hydrated and fueled up. Bring foul weather gear if there is even the slightest chance of rain. Fishing in wet clothes is no fun!


Do I need to help launch the boat?

Yes, if you know how. You should learn how to back up a boat trailer. Be honest with your boater about your skills. They would rather help you out than damage their rig. Typically, the boater will line the trailer up and then jump in the boat. The non-boater will then back them in and park the vehicle. Take your time. Hold on to the keys. Keep them safe! At the end of the day, you will get off the boat and fetch the vehicle. Work out ahead of time how to back the trailer down. Every boat and trailer is a little different. Take turns wider than normal. Do not lower the tailgate unless you have asked the boater first. Many will hit the boat or trailer if you turn too sharp leaving the ramp. When backing down the ramp watch your boater. He may give you additional instructions. Rolling down the window will allow you to hear.


Other than fishing what am I expected to help with?

Learn to tie your own knots. Ask your boater what he ties. Learn to net properly, you should put the net in the water and let the angler bring the fish to you. Never stab at a fish. Remember it is a team tournament. That is your fish too. Learn to care for fish. Understand culling fish. Help monitor the live wells. Do you hear the pump coming on occasionally in auto? Check on the fish. Are they floating? Is the air bladder full and do you need to fizz them? Ask your boater, they will be happy to teach you.


What do I need to do for weigh in?

Help by getting a bag from the tournament director. Fill it up with water from the live well. Some boats have pump outs that make this easier, check with your boater. Assist by pulling out the fish or holding the bag. Take care when walking with the fish. You do not want to drop them. Know the rules. We have a 13” minimum length unless fish and game requires longer on that lake. Assist with the weigh in. Help return the fish to the water. We strive for 100% fish released alive.


What else should I know?

If you are a non-boater, respect other people’s property such as the boat and tow vehicle. Do not track mud into them. Do not step on the seats. Help wipe down the boat at the end of the day. Watch your hooks. Use lure wraps or hook covers so you do not snag the carpet and upholstery.   Some day you may be the boater and you would expect the same thing.

No smoking unless you have arranged with the boater ahead of time.

No alcohol or drugs on the boat.

Remember this is supposed to be fun! We all love fishing and that is why we joined the club in the first place. Enjoy yourself; ask questions, the club is about learning from each other and becoming better anglers.